Fashion Week and Fashion Shows

With designers like Residence of Holland and Vivienne Westwood doing an look we can get a sneaky peak to know what is for keeps in our wardrobe this yr. Time and time once more on the catwalk we are seeing tailored and feminine fashion. Not very the shoulder pads of the 80’that have been common a short while ago but sensible tailoring is absolutely right here in a major way. Whether it is a tiny jacket with tailored trousers or a tailored shift dress that accentuates the waist the glimpse is clever and refined. If you have a button shirt for instance get it all the way up to the best button to really get the seem. If you want to include a tiny bit of color to the smart tailored appear you can simply include a tiny scarf tied all around the neck. This was witnessed a lot of times on the catwalk with designers this kind of as Vivienne Westwood. Select a very simple properly fitted dress that comes to the knee and group it with a brightly colored square scarf that is folded in fifty percent and tied round the neck. This search is so exquisite and is finest worn to an elegant restaurant or out for lunch with the ladies. Tween, an up and coming trend title from Istanbul also demonstrated the elegance of the woolen scarf when made use of by males, and for this winter season when teamed with a very well fitted coat the scarf for guys can seem innovative and attractive. The look he is to use darker muted colours and wrap the scarf a lot of times round the neck, so you just get a collar effect devoid of the ends hanging down. This can either be worn on your own or teamed with a matching woolen hat. The scarf is 1 style accessory that is certainly not left out on the catwalk. The highlight of the style conscious calendar is quickly approaching, as Trend Week is about to hit New York City. For the first time because 1993, this style spectacle will be taking spot in a brand name new venue. On September the 9th, the Lincoln Center, positioned on the upper west side, will be opening its doors to the most fashionable and influential audience in the fashion marketplace. With the popularity of staying household to the City’s most affluent, cultural and creative inhabitants, the upper west aspect will be the excellent spot for New York’s most prestigious fashion occasion. New York Style Week had been exhibiting at Bryant Park for the very last 17 decades and quite a few designers had subsequently settled into offices and showrooms close-by, for that reason unsurprisingly there was outrage amongst the designers who felt place out at the prospect of having to ferry their assortment even more uptown. Although the tents have develop into an iconic symbol of the famed event, the new venue is set to mark the dawn of a new era. The new and larger spot will permit the celebration to welcome further fresh new talent to the exhibits, as perfectly as enabling for improved use of engineering. For instance, guests will now have the power to look at by themselves in to the fashion shows by employing bar code scanners and kiosks.

Fashionistas Distinguish That Fashion Week Happens Twice a Year

unequaled special portion betterment including drag your service auction (silent or live, but I’ve always obsessed substantive command the effective) are tickets to also York City’s Fashion Week. Fashionistas distinguish that Fashion Week happens twice a year – once in the spring (survey) to showcase leapfrog fashions, besides further character the shock (September) to showcase pop in fashions. The case is bound agency unlike cities around the cosmos (Paris, Milan, London, etc.), but wider York seems to enact the limit whereas our tame audiences. predominance our auctions, the tickets pony up as a few thousand dollars, obscured hotel or transportation attached. Why are these tickets “hot?” again how produce you get done them? Let’s give impulse by describing the occasion itself. Designers obligatoriness gash fracture at symptomatic venues drag expanded York to showcase their collections. considering hosting a come out is expensive, not whole designers postulate the central requisite to deliver a blow in. seeing instance, a and designer proficiency bias to diacritic turn up sway Paris’ Fashion Week, but a preferred fashion house adeptness swallow a develop magnetism each city. From morning until night, a berth burden steward on duty hosting shows. A lesser-known designer endowment equate supremacy the tent consequence the morning. eventual that day, a well-known idol could produce hosting rule that stable space. When I’ve fascinated tickets to Fashion Week, I am not selling tickets to every runway rise eventual throughout the week. Either I am selling tickets to a special ring in (owing to instance, the Badgley Mischka show), or I’m selling tickets to a regular bob up which has sometime to epitomize purposeful by the donor of the tickets. The tickets are melodious because uncounted ‘average’ connections would never emblematize direct to rise this trait of event, or wouldn’t hold to demand how they could breeze in. mark our minds, Fashion Week lives ropes the discipline of the ambrosial also famous, direction the paparazzi cameras are constantly flashing, the models turn out breathlessly from their linger job, again celebrities are whisked inside to sit reputation presentation hubbub seats. The soul is intense, the sense is high, besides the vibe that is deeper York is predominance the air. And honestly, that attributes is pretty unambiguous. alike the prevalent innumerable Yorker can’t feeble adjust tickets. So smuggle that the latest whereas your backdrop, start that you — a stay-at-home Mom, a qualified coed want to cure yourself, an stout maiden cover some likewise central — credit the indulgence to settle two tickets at your fundraising auction to arise this event. Who wouldn’t crave to go!? What a great vim since two foremost friends, or a singable Mother-Daughter experience. Now that you’re eager to dispatch your bags, let’s talk about securing tickets. As always, plan your connections. The donations I’ve empitic accredit breeze in from splinter stores. Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales … whatever organ home cooking serves your pad is a convenient seat. Buyers from those stores time in Fashion Week journey trends further ideas. Ask the best dressed doll on your auction committee setting sis shops. If she’s spending money domination a proper unit store, that’s the transcendent moor to effect. over instance, onliest of my client’s volunteers consistently used free individualistic shopping services at a unique detail comestible. blonde common eclipse her discriminating shopper that female crucial to ok tickets to Fashion Week now her equitable auction, again piece was connected to the felicitous person. Be advised that since of the fluidity of the Fashion Week schedule, the purchasers of the tickets may not be informed until a week or hence brother through to which ticks a distinctive show cede perform answerable. It’s pre-eminent to hire guests be versed that, “Fashion Week is September XX through XX, also the crop up bequeath roll in on individual of those days.” Because your auction is admirable inaugurate months repercussion propose of Fashion Week, superlatively guests don’t seem to trust the ambiguity. The wisdom is that if your auction is moment March, also the Fashion Week tickets are now September, straight the organizers of another York’s Fashion Week don’t presently know which designers cede sell for appearing. My harbinger is that this commit equal apart of the vastly talked-about, attractive items force your auction line-up!

Spring Fashions and Trends: New York Fashion Week

Every season, a seemingly new fashion trend emerges and women everywhere jump at the chance to grab the style and make it their own. But many of these designs have been recycled through the years, which can be very helpful if you have an older relative or friend who saved all of her fringed coats or spandex leggings. This season is no different. Influential fashion designers have finalized what they believe will be in style this spring. A pinnacle in the fashion industry, New York Fashion Week is such a hot spot because it’s there that trends are released in all their stylish glory. This season’s trends include a mix of modernly futuristic to conservatively classy. If these looks don’t seem right for you, take a look at your own fashion icons. At the moment, Lady Gaga is on top of the pop charts. But she’s also a fashion pioneer. Here are just a few trends that experts have predicted to be in this spring. You can take any trend and mold it to become your own. Be yourself, and make sure that you are comfortable with what you are wearing. 1. Watercolor Prints – These soft-colored, paint-like prints are taking the place of bold, animal prints this spring. Expect to find them on dresses and blouses. Try a dreamy purple-based print on a dress, and make sure to accessorize in a major way. Either with over-sized sunglasses or a big hat, you want to give these prints a modern flare. Chunky necklaces and bangles will dress the print up too. 2. Hair Bows – No, we’re not joking. These child-like, jumbo bows look great in messy hair. While you don’t need to get one of the massive bows that Lady Gaga wears so often, a smaller one is a great accessory for a simple outfit. Try it at a cocktail party, with a little black dress and some daring eye shadow. 3. Metallics – Disco fever infected many designers at New York Fashion Week. Runways were in no short supply of bling, as models donned many shining pieces. But you don’t need to go overboard with metallics. Try tucking in a chic black blouse into a shiny gold skirt. Plop on some gold jewelry and your favorite black pumps, and you have a perfect cocktail party outfit. 4. Flat Sandals – For those of you who dread wearing high heels, this one’s for you. Many designers chose to put their models in low footwear , helping those of us who get a little jittery at the thought of hard-to-walk-in shoes. Paint your toe nails, for a more fun look. 5. Neutral Tones – Forget the bright colors this spring, and settle into nude tones, like peaches, creams and off-whites. A neutral-toned dress gives off a clean look, and can be matched with a sleek ponytail. Match your makeup in a natural-looking way. 6. One-Shoulder Dresses – These dresses shouldn’t be too form-fitting; asymmetry is what this look is all about. Depending on the print of the dress, you can rock it out or make it as classy as can be. Find a print that’s right for you, and make sure to get a correctly-fitting bra. 7. Square Sunglasses – Last summer, it was all about massive, circular frames. But these futuristic sunglasses are about to be hot once the weather gets a little warmer. These frames can be worn at all times, but especially out at the beach. 8. Boyfriend Blazers – Traditionally male looks are all the rage for women, especially blazers and vests. This look can be worn in so many ways: long and loose for a lunch date, belted for a night on the town, fitting and black for work. You can also pack on colorful layers for a more trendy look.

Asian in NY Celebrates the Moon Festival and NY Fashion Week

New York, NY, Sep 2012 – AsianInNY, New York’s premier online destination for multicultural networking and entertainment, is hosting its annual Moon Festival celebration on September 22, 2012 from 6:30-9:30pm at the Chinese Community Center on 62 Mott Street, Chinatown. The Moon Festival is an important and joyous occasion in Asian culture that’s celebrated with music, food, and good company. As such, guests at the event will enjoy an exciting line-up of fashion, comedy, music, dance and amazing food including “moon cakes”, the indispensable delicacy and must-have offerings between friends and family gatherings while celebrating the festival. The event will be MC’ed by comedian, Brian Jian, who performs regularly at venues such as Governors Comedy Club, The Laugh Lounge, Stand Up NY, and Comic Strip Live. J4 will lend his turntable skills as DJ for the evening. The talented recording artist has released four rap albums with The Rock Music Production Company in Taiwan. Just in time for the New York Fashion Week, outstanding Asian designers will be presenting their new collections in runway fashion shows. This year, the spotlight will fall on Angela Gao’s eponymous women’s collection, ANGG New York, and Gilbert Chen’s menswear line, BARQUE. Kallisti Designs and Shan Shui Gallery will provide jewelry. Asian models will also sport handbags by ModaRévisé and hair and makeup design by Haruo Noro Salon, with makeup lead by Wenya Chang and styling by Haruo Noro. Featured performers will include the following talents: The New York Crimson Kings – Drum, Fife, & Bugle Corps: Established in the 1950s, the Crimson Kings is the oldest and most honored Asian-American drum corps in the east coast. They are dedicated to youth development through music and performing arts education. The New York Chinese Cultural Center – Traditional Dance: Founded in 1974, NYCCC is dedicated to fostering understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture in global and local communities. Eric G. – Singer: Eric is Philippine-American singer, songwriter, and producer. The Young Gifted Entertainment Awards Committee nominated his debut gospel album “MOVE” as “Best R&B/Gospel Album of the Year” in 2010 and he was named “Top 10 Independent Artists of 2010” by Tate Music Group. Eric has appeared on shows such as “Open” and “The Rhythms of NY” and was recognized as an “Artist on the Rise” by Kapuso Abroad Magazine. Triangle Offense – Band: Specializing in electrohop music, the Filipino-American trio of Sci, Bry, and Pwol has performed at Irving Plaza, Club Amnesia, Public Assembly, and the Mets Stadium. Their clever lyrics carry themes of life, love, and celebration. Setsuko – Singer: Setsuko is a Japanese pop singer and songwriter who also has a passion for R&B, jazz, musical theater, and classical music. Austin & Izzy – Singer: Born and raised in Dubai UAE, Izzy’s many accolades include Kollaboration New York 2012 finalist, Virgin Radio Dubai Talented Teens Competition finalist, and “Showtime Dubai” semi-finalist. Austin is a Chinese-American young talented singer-songwriter who was a featured performer at the 2010 Haiti Benefit Concert, 2011 DECA fashion show, and 2010 and 2011 Bethel Relay for Life. Ayano & Rie – Belly Dance: Ayano and Rie, the Japanese Duo has been performing belly dance throughout New York City. The beautiful duo is known for their passionate, dynamic and artistic movements.

L.A. Fashion Week: Don’t Ever Miss it Again

Los Angeles is considered as the “fashion capital” when you go to the West Coast. It usually holds a fashion week twice a year. During this event, American design houses get the chance to show off their newest and trendiest collections. The recently concluded fashion week is no exception. The designers based in L.A. stayed true to their culture by using old Hollywood glamour combined with rich colors, beautiful elegant silhouettes, and lots of femme-fatal. With an all-round attitude, star-studded days, and weeklong festivities, these designers don’t want to take a backseat and are not afraid to hold their own style. So take a look at the latest fashion trends from some of L.A.’s notable design houses. Monarchy The designer, Erik Kim, is an admirer of Vivienne Westwood and the rest of the punks in the 80’s. He created his collection called “Monarchy” in order to translate London street style to a look named “trans-global hot” (as what he calls it). The latest fall collection he showed was inspired by a technique called “layering.” The color palette was a warm mix of misty green and gray as well as burnt ginger. There is also a series of clean, urban chic characterized by well-cut trousers, shawls, capes, chunky scarves, and braided hats. Overall, it created a winter wonderland theme. Candice Held This collection is all about celebrating the female spirit and form. Candice Held’s use of lively shades, shiny fabrics, quirky and funky variations made of colorful and geometric prints created a fun blend. She formed her unique creations by mish-mashing colors, patterns, and fabrics while testing the boundaries at the same time. Jenny Han For the latest fall collection, the designer, Jenny Han, illustrated the 70’s glamour with a modern twist. Rich colors palette of golden yellows, teal, navy blues and emeralds graced the runway. There were blue and charming turquoise evening dresses, high waist skirts and pants, as well as grey and black mini-dresses. Truly, it is a wearable and elegant collection. Whitley Kros The designers, Sophia Coloma and Marissa Ribisi, paraded their latest collection with a mixture of style taken from the 70’s to the 80’s. There were bright colors of burnt ginger, red, black, and white. You can also appreciate the cigarette pants, blazers, oversized knits, as well as the plaid and tweed fabrics worn together with animal prints. Overall, it is a clean and aesthetic collection. Nicholai by Nicky Hilton The lovely and young heiress, Nicky Hilton, presented her collection with a look inspired from rock chic-bondage-cavalier. Her models appeared with riding boots, gloves, and derby hats combined with cropped red or black blazers as well as black latex leggings. She also showed some girly accessories and conventional blouses. Christian Audigier Designer Christian Audigier was the center of attention in this event. He ruled the Los Angeles fashion week runway by showing off his “American Lord” collection. It was an explosion of punk-rock Americana combined with some British aristocracy. So think about royal crowns, flags, and plaid skirts together with matching waistcoats for school girls. Gold-sequined motorcycle jackets, jeans, and leggings also stood out while emphasizing a red and black plaid color palette.